Next Gen ‘Twitter’ Feature Ideas

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Like many Twitter users, I have a love/hate relationship with the platform. This sometimes leads me to fantasize about some better features I’d like to see implemented. I don’t expect Twitter to do implement this for various reasons, but I predict there is room in their market for someone who can create a ‘Twitter’ that includes these features:

  • Everyone can make tags like ‘econ’, ‘shitpost’, or ‘personal’ that people can follow or explicitly not follow e.g. ‘rant’ or ‘sarcasm’.
  • People can also tag their tweets as ‘public’ (default, like today’s Twitter) or ‘private’ where only approved followers of your tag can see it.
  • You can explicitly adjust the weights of people and their tags so you can see the content you tend to like more frequently.
    • You don’t want to miss some people’s content, but you could afford to see some people’s tweets less often, even if you don’t want to unfollow them.
    • This could be implemented simply by generating a random number on the unit interval locally. If the random number falls below the percentage of someone’s tweets that you want to see—say 50% or .5—that tweet is not rendered for you.
  • A micropayment system where you can anonymously or privately thank people for content you appreciate.
  • Polls provide the option for approval voting, way more than 4 options, and votes being private/public/optional.
    • Also, polls can be made a ‘follow up’ poll where the ability to vote is contingent on whether you voted in a previous poll already.
  • Polls can also take in 2+ dimensional continuous data (tuples of real numbers) and the results can be plotted. Data like the mean, sd, and treadlines w/ r^2 can be viewed and data can be exported via CSV/JSON/XML.
  • Ability to freely edit tweets before anyone has liked/retweeted them. The date is just updated to the last edit and history of post doesn’t have to be stored.
  • After tweet engagement, you can edit the tweet, but its history remains. If you edit the heck out of a tweet in a misleading way, people (as they always can) can downgrade the weight (probability they see your tweets again) of your tweets as much as they want.
  • Also, the ability to post tweets that can’t be deleted. This can increase the credibility of promises and predictions.